A unique Gift Shop. We feature friendly service and gift items that will appeal to everyone's taste and wallet. We opened our doors in May of 1990, so this year we celebrate 30 years in the retail business. Both of us have some Irish ancestry and also share a love for Gettysburg. Some might say that a shop with a combination of Civil War Irish Brigade gift items (including a FREE museum of relics) and the usual Irish gift items of crystal, jewelry and much more might be strange, but we don't think so. Over the past 30 years we've had people stop in just to find out what the "Civil War Irish Brigade" is all about. People say, "I never knew there were all Irish regiments." Well, we didn't either. One day we discovered this beautiful Celtic Cross monument while driving around the battlefield and wondered where that came from. A little research and a lot of enthusiasm has brought us here. So, next time you are in Gettysburg, stop by and see us, ask us questions and we will do our best to answer them. Come in and meet our little "shop dog" Maggie, too.

-Mark, Robin and Maggie

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